4 Quick Beard Survival Tips For The Dog Days Of Summer

4 Quick Beard Survival Tips For The Dog Days Of Summer

BY Adam Barraclough

We’re down to the last month of summer, and it always feels like it’s the hottest and nastiest part of the whole damned heat parade. So we’ve put together a quick list of ways you can help survive the final dog days of summer while keeping your beard at maximum health. So wipe off that sweat, grab a cold drink, crank up the AC and dig in!

1. Keep It Clean
People often ask “isn't it hot?”, pointing at my beard during the summer months. I usually reply that it’s not any hotter than having hair on your head, it's all a question of what you're used to. But just like head hair, beard hair (and the skin beneath) have a tendency to trap and hold sweat, dirt and grime in the summer. This can block pores and contribute to itching, dryness and flaking, to say nothing of the scent and that unclean feeling you get after a heavy sweat on a hot day.

There are a lot of beard wash and beard soap products on the market these days, so you've got options. But if you want a deep clean, something that gets down to the pores without throwing off the balance of natural oils in your hair and skin, we can't recommend our Beard Shampoo highly enough. Unlike other shampoos built for the hair on your head, this won’t dry out your beard and skin or strip away healthy oils. It’s got a refreshing and masculine scent blend of mint and myrrh, perfect for your morning shower or a refreshing pick-up after you’ve been out sweating it up in the summer heat.

Our Beard Shampoo has proven to be one of our most popular new items, and a fan favorite among Can You Handlebar fans. A clean beard is the foundation of a healthy beard. 


2. Beat The Humidity
Excessive heat and humidity can have your beard puffing out like unspun cotton candy at the county fair, taking you from “handsome” to “hot mess” in a sizzling summer second. You may be tempted to throw some styling product in your beard to reign it in, but those things are often full of alcohol that’s just going to dry out and damage the hair. But what if you could manage your beard and condition it at the same time?

Beard balm is your answer. Our blend, we call it Dry Oil, has just enough beeswax to help you tame flyaways and add a little shape to your beard. It’s also made with the same conditioning blend as our Beard Oil, so it’s going to nourish your hair and skin while giving you a little extra control. Brush down the sides and center of your beard with our Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush® for a composed look that's going to counteract the effects of all that humidity.


3. Hydrate
This may be the most obvious “healthy” thing you can do for yourself, but it’s one that many of us miss or avoid, especially when you’re partying, grilling out, or hitting the pool or beach. Sure, nothing feels more refreshing than an ice cold beer or soda on a blistering hot day. But whatever you do, don’t skip the good ol’ H2O.

Your body loses more moisture when it’s hot, and that may not always be readily apparent. Staying hydrated is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep your skin and your hair healthy, to say nothing of the many other benefits. Make an extra effort during the summer to hit that recommended daily allowance for your body type. Swap in a glass or bottle of water between other beverages, try to start and end your day with one as well. You’ll be doing your beard, and your body, a solid.

4. Condition
Summer produces some harsh conditions. Between the sun, the heat, the humidity and the sweat, there are many factors conspiring to dry you out and damage your beard and skin. It’s extra important to maintain a regular conditioning routine. Applying some beard oil after you shower and towel dry your beard, while it's still damp, will help lock in moisture and allow your beard hair and skin to soak up some sustenance at its most receptive.

Our Beard Oil utilizes a blend of light and medium-weight oils. The lighter blend soaks into the skin and follicles while the medium blend sits on top of the hair to nourish, protect, and add shine. Beard oil is one of the simplest and easiest to use products you can add into your grooming routine to help your beard look and feel its best. An extra 30 seconds a day for a softer better-looking beard? That's a deal you can't beat any day of the year.




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