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From twitter: "Can You Handlebar Moustache wax:"

From AoM's 2012 Gift Guide: "Another artisan mustache wax that just came on the market is from a company called Can You Handlebar? Their selling point is that their wax is all natural and contains no artificial scents. So if you’re looking for something to hold your ‘stache during the day without having to smell it, this is your wax."

Saddleback Leather Company:

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From Saddleback Leather's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: "My funniest friend, Doug, sells Beard or Mustache oil that smells like a fresh cut 2x4 stud. My wife and I love love love mine."

From Saddleback Leather's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: "Facial Hair Wax - by Can You Handlebar - Doug Geiger works with us at Saddleback and has created treatments for all types of facial hair to keep it from going crazy. You should see his handlebar mustache. It's awesome and it fits him well. Can you handlebar?"

@BAHRn0ne Shout out to @CanYouHandleBar for hooking me up with some moustache wax! I recommend it to the handlebar aficionado!

Andy P: “I just applied the primary wax that you gave me and I was totally blown away! Honestly this is THE wax I’ve been searching for all along. The consistency is exactly what I’ve been seeking and I love the smell of it too. Thank you for making such an awesome product!”

Yence P: “Makes my beard look better, hair seems stronger, easier to comb, less tangles.”

Michael L: “I like the conditioning effect of the DO and am definitely planning to purchase more when mine runs out. One of my youth group kids regularly comes up to stoke my beard and tell me how soft it is (strange kid, I know) and I have actually had more people at church come up and pull on my beard than my wife had rub her belly when she was pregnant. Good sign, I suppose.”

Will C: “Got both the Secondary and Primary in the mail today. Put them on. BEST mustache wax I have ever used. Went swimming in a freezing cold lake and my mustache still stayed in perfect shape.”

Aaron A: “I like the shine and smoothness it gives my beard (which is longish and a bit curly). I received comments such as “Your beard is shining!” from time to time.”

Alexander D: "I received my "care package" yesterday which included primary 6 secondary 6 both kent combs DO and the DO brush and was beyond satisfied the DO is amazing!"

Chris C: “I REALLY liked it! very very cool and unique way of applying hooked me straight away. Enjoyed holding the tin and applying directly to beard Liked the fact that you could apply+go. Great for if in a rush or just didn’t want to get fingers oily. I found that DO did amazing things – that it made the beard look and feel healthier. It gave it a nice natural look rather than oily shine. The hairs thickened slightly because of that and somehow held the beard together as a result.”

TJ P: “Been using the Dry Oil daily for over a week and love it. I’m in the mountains of Colorado where it’s very dry but my beard is staying happy”

Alan W: “Love the dry oil. I think I’ve already pontificated to this point. Marvelous marvelous product. I would need to invent new words to adequately describe how much I love it.” 

Corey M: “I like DO mainly for the feel. I found that it did provide some hold, but for the most part it was more of a moisturizing type of effect. The way this made my beard shine, not like bling, but more like healthy hair shine, was great. I also like that there was very little smell to this product.” 

Dave M: “When I lay on the ground, my dog licks my goatee or beard because of your products. She really likes it.”

Matthew A: I found the best time to use this was when I got out of the shower after my beard air dried. Also sometime I would use just a little along with the Beard Envy just to give me an extra shin…the Dry Oil does exactly what its suppose to do. Anyone that came over to my house that had a beard I would make them try this Oil and when I showed them how to put it on they where amazed how it made my beard more full and shin. Then they would try it and fall in love!” 

David H: “Ah, the smell of mustache wax! It’s a wonderful thing to have under one’s nose!”

Andrew K: The Dry Oil was the first product I tried with my shortly cropped beard. There are 2 main categories where I think the DO has its effects: Aesthetics and beard health. Aesthetically, the first thing I noticed was the sheen that it gives the beard–my girlfriend called it a “healthy sheen”. As my beard got longer it went from simply giving it a sheen to giving the beard a very slight hold. The overall effect was one where the beard simply looked more “groomed”. While nice, those things take a back seat to beard health, however. I have noticed in the past that as my beard nears an inch in length I start having problems with “split ends” that only gets worse as I continue to grow it out. This time around I have noticed a marked decrease in the amount of split ends and I think it is the Dry Oil that has contributed most.”

Colton K: “First try with Primary6 and I am extremely pleased! You’ve ruined me Doug – from never using a beard product to using two of yours at once…nicely done sir. Guess I don’t ever have to shop around for moustache wax. And the answer is: Yes, I can handlebar.”

Aaron W: “I received my Dry Beard Oil in the mail a couple of days ago. It is too soon to be sure, but so far I really like it. It allows me to make my beard look neat without having to blow-dry it straight. Blow drying worked great in the beginning, but after 6 months it is starting to make my beard dry and brittle. Your beard oil has restored the shine and softness while allowing me some level of control over grooming. Thank you.”

Pauly R: “I love your beard dry oil , it is wonderful wonderful product. I am so pleased with it and pleased that I found your company”

Alexander D: Hey I received my "care package" yesterday which included primary 6 secondary 6 both kent combs DO and the DO brush and was beyond satisfied the DO is amazing!

Mark B: “I got my waxes and oil on Saturday. I have been in heaven since. I LOVE them! Thank you for the quality product…and super timely delivery. I didn’t expect them until sometime later this week.”

Brandon D: “Your Dry Oil is just awesome. The barely-there hold is just enough to “fluff” up the beard, making it look full and well-groomed. Also, my girlfriend loves the smell… and we all know That is the true test! She wants me to switch to your mustache waxes too!”


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