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Every Day Beard Soap

What you get: 1 (4 oz)  bar of Every Day Beard Soap packaged in a convenient box to ensure the soap stays clean in transit, while being able to breath properly to cure.

The ingredients in the Can You Handlebar Everyday Beard Soap were carefully selected to provide wearers of facial hair with a cleansing product that also contributes to the health of your skin and facial hair. The essential oils used in the production of the soap are well known for their skin and hair health encouraging benefits.   

Palm oil, commonly used in handmade soaps, helps harden the soap bars as well as increase its lathering properties. Olive oil and Hempseed oil are both rich in healthy fats and offer moisturizing and conditioning effects when used in soap. 

Our Everyday Beard Soap also contains aloe vera gel, an ingredient widely accepted as beneficial in dealing with a number of skin maladies while also offering restorative effects on skin and hair when used externally. We have also chosen to include tea tree oil, an ingredient credited with antiseptic properties that is used to treat a number of skin conditions. 

Coconut oil, a mild oil suitable for those with inflamed and irritated skin not only acts as an excellent moisturizer but also reduces protein loss when used in hair. Finally, our soap contains Avocado oil, another oil excellent for those with sensitive skin.  Avocado oil contains multiple vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. These elements offer excellent moisturizing and allegedly restorative effects when used on hair.  

We commissioned this soap, made just for beards, from Mountain Man Soap because they are really good at making soaps.

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