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"Wisdom" Bright & Woodsy

About This Scent:  Bright and woodsy, Wisdom carries scents of fresh-cut lumber and lemon.  Masculine but not overpowering, there is a warmth here reminiscent of standing amid a spruce and cedar grove mid-afternoon. We use essential oils for our scents so that they will wear in subtly throughout the day.

Why Beard OIl?  Beard Oil is easy to apply and provides direct and natural conditioning of your facial hair. Our blend of light and medium-weight oils provides shine as well as nourishing the hair and skin. This can reduce itch and flaking and most importantly, it allows your beard to grow to its healthiest and fullest.

What you need to know:

  • What you get: One ounce bottle (1 fl. oz.) of all natural beard oil in a custom-made tube that is great for traveling. Bottles come complete with dropper top because we value your feedback. If there is anything else we could do better, let us know!
  • The scent: It's like sending cedar, spruce and a few lemons through a wood chipper. That, minus the sawdust. The virtue of Wisdom is knowing how to apply knowledge to real-life situations. This scent reminds us of late nights on the back porch and telling stories.
  • Expert formula: Blend of light weight and heavier oils to deeply nourish hair and add shine. No fake scents, petroleum products or nut-oils used in any of our products! (We use olive oil, grape seed oil, rice bran oil, jojoba, meadow-foam seed oil, vitamin E)
  • Engineered for real-life: All labels are oil and water-proof. Comes in custom made tube to protect your bottle when you travel!
  • How to Apply: Drop or pour a little oil into your hand or Beard Oil Brush. Massage the oil into your whole beard, front and back. Comb your beard with a Beard Comb. Pet your dog to get oils off your hands. For videos on how to use beard oils: click here.
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