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Chamberlains Leather Milk

Honored to be interviewed by the best leather conditioning company in the world, Chamberlain's Leather Milk about my leather, my beard and why I started CanYouHandlebar. We talked for a minute about the benefit of humility in business: 

"...every area where I have actually said: 'You know what? I don’t know the right answers'’s been good--at the expense of my ego sometimes--but that’s the only way to actually get to the point where people will admire what you’ve done." See full interview here.







Bold Apps

I have been a big fan of Bold Apps soon after I opened my website. They provide a pretty impressive collection of apps that make small business ownership more effective and less stressful. I was honored they wanted to hear from me. We chatted a little about beard and moustaches as well as some of the philosophies that drive my business.

"Today Scott and Jay talk to Doug Geiger from about customer service and how it’s deeply connected with his clever website copy, his company branding and his overall philosophy for operating his business. As Jay would say, ‘There’s some really good nuggets in there” to take away. And we all love nuggets. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes"


ShipStation has allowed me to run a successful business from anywhere I travel. I am not tied down geographically and I am not tied to having a Windows machine, since their solution is software-as-a-service, my team can get to our orders and ship anywhere we can find internet access. It also happens to be a really great tool. During our interview I was asked what made facial hair special to me:

"I think that’s kind of the same thing with facial hair, it’s something unique that men have. I also have this deep paternal connection to my grandfather and father, much like I think other men have, so those memories surrounding my family members are tied to my facial hair."


Huffington Post ()

I was thrilled to have an article on Huffington Post. Kevin and I spoke for some time about a variety of topics, including beards and moustaches, entrepreneurship and course philosophy on life. On the topic of longing for camaraderie in this fast paced world we felt that same yearning:

"Doug, like me, fell in love with the nostalgia promoted by Cheers' opening song and montage. Sam Malone never had to deal with many nasty drunks or fake IDs. His basement bar was an oasis where 'everybody knows your name.'"



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