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Ergo Ionic Ceramic Round Brush

It’s not often that we encounter a product so well-made and functional that we choose to partner with the maker to offer it in our shop.  The Ergo Ionic Ceramic Round Brush provides complete control for an overall smooth and straightened look.

Made by professionals for those who take a professional approach to their grooming, the brush works just as effectively on long hair as it does on short hair, making it a natural for beards.  

Here’s how it differs from other round brushes on the market:


  • A longer barrel and handle for more reach and control
  • The pins of the brush are infused with tourmaline and carbon, making them humidity resistant and temperature resistant up to 500° F
  • The silicone handle provides grip even when the hands are wet or oiled while the seamless design prevents snags
  • Recessed end-cap keeps hair from snagging while brushing
  • Anti-static qualities keep the hair from “frizzing” and help to promote shine

Ergo brushes can be used on wet or dry hair, and can of course be used in conjunction with Can You Handlebar Beard Oil and Beard Dry Oil (Beard Balm) for quick detangling and conditioning.  The Ionic Ceramic Round Brush is a finishing brush, providing a smooth and composed look to your beard when used as a part of your regular grooming regimen.

This brush works alongside our Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush. Neither is a replacement for the other. Whereas the beard oil brush helps you apply beard oil and Dry Oil, the Ergo Ionic Ceramic Round Brush helps you groom, sculpt and finish your beard.

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