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Handmade Wooden Comb - Leopard Wood

Maintain your beard in classic style with a wide-tooth, handmade comb that will season with use and last a lifetime.

Every signature Can You Handlebar comb is cut, assembled, and sanded by hand.  This attention to detail insures not only the heirloom quality of each individual comb but also that it meets the specific grooming needs of your facial hair.  The wide teeth are designed to allow you to comb your beard without fear of tugging, pulling or hair loss.  The painstaking hand-sanding process is of particular importance in removing any sharp edges from the wood so that each pass of the comb through your beard hair is smooth and free from any snags, cuts or breakage to the hair.

Once the sanding process is complete, the comb is dipped in a mixture of linseed and mineral oils.  This mixture enhances the natural color of the wood, protects the comb, and allows the wood to remain porous. Over time, the wood will absorb any product used in the beard as well as the hair’s natural oils, seasoning the comb and giving it a color and patina unique to each user.  

Leopard wood is a very dense and strong wood native to South America and named for the unique flecking seen throughout.  This is the actual grain of the wood, not the result of any stain or paint applied, making each comb a unique work of natural art.  The grain flecks can be seen on the surface of the wood as well as on the cross-cut, it’s truly something special in-hand.

The handle is made from Wenge (pronounced when-gay), another wood of African origin. The wood grain of the Wenge handle runs perpendicular to the grain of the Leopard wood body, which adds strength and stability to the overall structure of the comb as well as providing a unique two-toned look.  The comb is designed for strength, durability and longevity, insuring you years of proper grooming.

The comb measures approximately 2.75 inches wide and 2.25 inches tall.

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