Tips for beard care in the winter

Beard Care In The Winter

BY Tim Kramer

 Tips for Beard Care in the Winter

Different climates affect our beards in different ways, sometimes dramatically so. I live at 8,500 feet in Colorado where I enjoy lots of snow most of the year as well as abundant sunshine. While both are beautiful they can also do a lot of damage to a beard.  In light of that I wanted to share some tips for beard care in the winter that will help keep your beard healthy.  

Winter can be very cruel to your face and facial hair. The cold temperatures combined with the dry air mean you’ll need to be even more proactive about keeping your beard conditioned and protected from the elements. As fun as a snow beard (see picture above) can be, please avoid trying this at a home as the extreme cold is actually quite damaging to your beard. Here’s what I do to help keep my beard looking and feeling great in a cold and dry climate:

Wash your beard

I wash my beard with Every Day Beard Soap two or three times a week. I use warm water and do not wash it daily as this tends to strip the natural oils.

Use beard oil

I follow washing my beard by gently towel-drying and then liberally applying one of our beard oils. The beard oil acts as a conditioning agent which is vital for keeping your beard and face from drying out.  You may find your beard soaking up more than usual in the winter, and it’s certainly okay to use more as long as you don’t overdo it.

After oiling my beard I thoroughly brush it through with our signature Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush™ to ensure the oil makes its way to my entire beard, moustache, and face. The Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush™ will distribute the product evenly, while very gently brushing the hair without tugging at the root.

Use moustache wax

I use Primary Moustache Wax daily. The lanolin and beeswax help keep my moustache hair healthy and protected from the cold dry air and wind. Waxing my moustache also makes it significantly easier to eat food!

Often times at night I will apply more Beard Oil or even a thin layer of Beard Dry Oil to keep my beard hydrated while I sleep. This also helps keep the skin on my face from getting dry and flaky.

Make use of winter apparel

It may sound unnecessary but particularly in sub-freezing temps don’t be afraid to wrap a scarf around your beard and face.  This has two benefits:  1) Your beard will act as natural insulation, keeping your face warm beneath the scarf.  2) This will prevent the moisture that accumulates in your beard and moustache as you exhale from freezing.  Beard and moustache breakage due to freezing is a real thing, so wrap them up as needed.

If you are not mindful winter can wreak havoc on your beard. Having a proper beard care regime and quality beard care products can help make sure your beard stays healthy and looking good even in the cold dry months of winter. I hope some of these tips are helpful for surviving another winter. Stay warm and stay bearded!



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