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Cool stuff: Misc Goods Playing Cards Co.

What they look like

Misc Goods Playing Cards Co Review


What makes these cards special

For me, playing cards have a certain mystique. This is probably in part because they have remained generally the same for centuries and are so simple, yet such amazing and complex games and strategies can be made with them. Some form of them have been around since the 9th century A.D. In the past couple hundred years the deck of 52 we know today has started to settle into the format we now know and love.

The Misc Goods Playing Card Company have literally left their mark on the familiar deck. I appreciate the detail and clean take on the card's artwork. I can't pinpoint why, but the word "honest" comes to mind. The presentations from the shipping box, to the card box, to the cards themselves are understated and tasteful.

The packaging itself prepares you to open something special. The cards do not disappoint. I will likely never play with them. Instead, I will add them to my man cave as tasteful decoration. I was an early backer on Kickstarter and and so privileged to own something someone else put so much time and effort into.

How to get your own

Currently, the cards are not available for sale. I expect them to be soon, given the tremendous success of the Kickstarter campaign. Check often for news of the release. (Not an affiliate link).



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