Getting back into growing a moustache

Getting back into growing a moustache

BY Doug Geiger

Getting Back Into Growing a Moustache 

Building back a solid moustache

Sometimes life gets in the way of a perfectly good moustache. Be it military service, an ultimatum from a lady, or the curious hands of a toddler that uses your facial hair as a walking aid, from time time time, a moustache must be abandoned for a season. This post if specifically for those who are getting back into growing a moustache.

Switching from tube wax

The tube stuff works a little different than a real beeswax based wax like mine. Tube "wax" is sort of a glue and it has some real vocabulary building ingredients. The reason it works is that it dries out allowing the product to set. The upside to this style is that it is easier to put in. The downsides are that once it is in it cannot be adjusted without adding more product. In this way, it is sort of like hair gel. Many guys end up with clumps where the "wax" isn't combed through sufficiently. This isn't to say that this sort of product is "bad," it is just that real beeswax based moustache wax is generally a better and safer option.

What real moustache wax is like

My wax is the real deal and the firmness is achieved when the wax cools off to room temperature. Since it never totally hardens it can be reformed throughout the day. In this weather, you can form your curls in the bathroom and then stick your head out the back door for 15 seconds and it will set up just right.

Tips for application 

As for tips, be sure to warm the can in your pocket or under the hot water tap for a bit until it can be scraped easily with the back of your thumbnail. them rub it between your thumb and forefinger and apply from the inside to the outside. A moustache comb is worth its weight in gold. The tines on the comb are close together to remove clumps and keep it looking sharp without any streaks of clumped together hairs. 

Getting started 

If you can spare the cash, grab a pair of my waxes and a comb. You'll not be disappointed. Primary is a great everyday wax and Secondary is for tight curls at the end or for a night out when you want a strong hold. Now that secondary takes a little more effort to apply, but when you want maximum hold, you'll find the effort worth it. Here's a couple links that may help. First, get a pair of waxes [$19] and a comb [$10]. Then check out these videos. 

In conclusion 

Having a moustache or beard is a pretty cheap hobby (about $30 to buy the whole kit and caboodle) that brings a lot of guys a lot of joy. It may not bring in buckets of money or solve world hunger, but there is an appeal to growing out facial hair. Maybe it is the chance to be both an individual and still be part of a tradition that goes back to the first caveman. In any event, with a little practice and patience you'll have a pretty admirable moustache gracing your upper lip and if you are like a lot of my customers a real sense of satisfaction. I wish you luck and invite any further questions at 



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