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Take The Initiative - A Scent Profile of Initiative Beard Oil

BY Cody Wiley

A Scent Profile of Initiative Beard Oil

“What’s your favorite scent?” This is a question I get asked frequently at trade shows and by friends who are just starting to grow a beard. Can You Handlebar offers a few great varieties of beard oil and Beard Dry Oil scents, but without missing a beat I will always reply “Initiative.” And if I’m being honest, you may not even have to ask me that question as it’s usually the first thing I mention when we start talking beards, I just love it that much.

What is Initiative? 

Dictionaries define initiative as an introductory act or step; or readiness and ability in initiating action. When I think of initiative it brings to mind images of people willing to lead the way, those with the confidence and intelligence to get out there and do it. They never seem to be scared or nervous, instead possessing calmness in the face of challenge. These qualities are echoed in the fresh clear citrus notes of the Initiative scent.

Scent Profile

As with all of CanYouHandlebar products, Initiative is offered in both a traditional beard oil and our Beard Dry Oil balm. I remember the first time I got my hands on a tin of Initiative Dry Oil-- the texture was great, but it was the scent that hooked me. The citrus really appealed up front, it is an incredibly clean and fresh scent. The bright crispness of the blend of lemon, lime, and bergamot really helps wake me up in the morning and get my day started. It truly earns its namesake; the oil’s fragrance really captures the definition and spirit of Initiative.

I would use the term “cool” as opposed to “warm” to describe the overall tone of Initiative. The sweet notes from the citrus fruit and the clear note of bergamot distinguish it as a cool scent, vs. “warmer” scents that tend to utilize a musk or darker-feeling base. This cool scent attribute is something I may have a personal bias towards, it’s just the palette I am drawn to.

So fresh and so clean

When I said Initiative has a very clean, fresh scent, I promise that I wasn’t exaggerating. It is often one of the first remarks from people as they smell it for the first time. Many are reminded of the comforting fresh after-scents of citrus-based cleaning products and while it’s easy to draw that parallel, there is a bit more complexity here.

There is also a hint of lavender that reveals itself subtly and rounds out the fragrance as a whole. While the citrus and bergamot notes are energizing and active, the hint of fresh floral lavender adds another layer to the scent for me: calmness. The citrus tones really give you a perk; it’s refreshing, crisp, and bright, but it’s never anxious or overwhelming thanks to the calming effect of the lavender.

It’s important to note as well that the scent remains at full strength for about 15-20 minutes after application, after that you get a nice subtle hint of it throughout the day. Just enough to remind you that you’re wearing it and to keep you going. I’m happy to be asked and even happier to tell you that Initiative is my favorite of the Can You Handlebar scents. The blend is perfect, they knocked it out of the park with this one and truly managed to capture the essence of the work Initiative.



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