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CanYouHandlebar Badge

What is a CanYouHandlebar badge?

It is a circle, made of wood that has been hand branded with the CanYouHandlebar question mark and the year. You can keep it on a shelf, hang it from a tree, or wear it on a vest. Totally up to you. Just don't lose it because it may come in handy this coming year. Be sure to check out the new Beard Oil Trio (which automatically gets you a badge!).

How do I get a badge?

  1. A badge will be shipped for every $60 spent in a single order throughout the rest of 2013, until I run out. If you have two brothers and you want them each to have one, spend $120, etc. You don't need to do anything special--it will be added to your order automatically.

  2. By the way, if you've spent $75 or more this past year, and you make a purchase of any amount before the end of the year and email me your order numbers, I will drop one in for you.

What a CanYouHandlebar Badge does for you:

  1. Event giveaways: If you come up to me or someone else at CanYouHandlebar and show your badge, you will get something for free as a thank you. It may be a prototype, a discount, a free product or something one of my friends sell. 

  2. Badge holder contests: Every once in a while I will post a contest on one of the social media sites that any badge holder can enter. This makes the odds of winning free products much higher. In the future, I will specify the year to further reward loyal customers.

  3. Scavenger hunt: The first person to post a picture with an official CanYouHandlebar badge in each of these scenarios will receive their reward. More categories will be added throughout the year.

Unlock these objectives:

Email me a photo as an attachment ( and copy and paste the objective in the subject line. Explaining the background for the photo is optional, but I would love to know more about you and how you got the shot!

  1. Badges: three people together, each holding their badge (10)

  2. Badge on top of a box of Cuban cigars (10)

  3. Badge on the bow of a freighter on the open sea (20)

  4. Badge in the Louvre (30)

  5. Badge in the hand of Ken Jennings (he must be smiling) (100)

  6. Badge on top of a Turducken (10)

  7. Badge next to something that has been in space (20)

  8. Badge on the Appalachian trail, next to a sign that proves it (20)

  9. Badge next to a labradoodle puppy (10)

  10. Badge at 35,000 feet (10)

Scavenger hunt rules:

  • Must be G-rated
  • Must capture the objective clearly with both the badge and the background easy to identify.
  • Must belong to you
  • If multiples are received for the same objective, I will pick a winner
  • No photoshopping or other shenanigans
  • Winners receive the amount in the parentheses as a gift card for use on the site

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