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First Annual "Internet Best In Show" Contest!


Winners of the 2013 Internet Best in Show



What is the "Internet Best in Show"?

It is one of the biggest--if not the biggest--online facial hair competitions ever in terms of prize purse and sponsorships. This photo contest is designed to find the "best in show" for any category of facial hair across the whole Internet! There will be three winners. Grand prize and second place will be determined by most votes and second most votes, respectively. Judges' Choice will be picked from anywhere in the rankings.

The sponsors are a "best in show" as far as brands go. There is a hand picked mix of some big names and smaller operations. They are all high quality and good to have on deck if you are looking for gifts or a little something for yourself. 

Who is CanYouHandlebar and why are you doing this?

CanYouHandlebar makes and sells products for men. We just launched beard oils in three scents named after virtues, a woodsy one named Wisdom, a citrusy one called Initiative, and and unscented oil named Temperance. We also make moustache wax, a Beard Dry Oil and provide accessories. If you want to poke around the site a little and you decide to make a purchase, I want you to know that you should use the code "InternetBestInShow" at checkout for 10% off all orders over $60. Here is a peek at the new beard oils we are celebrating with this competition:



We thought we would throw a big contest because we have a lot to celebrate! Most recently, our sponsored competitors Sean Raiger and Patrick Fette each won a world title in the World Beard Competition. Right before that, our new beard oils were launched. Also, this November marks our first year in business. We love facial hair so we thought we should host a photo contest to identify the Internet's "Best in Show" for facial hair.

Who are the Sponsors and what do we win?

  • CanYouHandlebar: We produce really good beard oil, moustache waxes and accessories and put on contests for fun. Grand prize winner will receive one of everything we sell--beard oils, Dry Oil, moustache waxes, combs, Beard Oil Brush, accessories and a couple prototypes. Second prize will receive all beard oils and waxes and a Beard oil Brush. Judges choice will receive the same as second place. All winners will receive three coupon codes for three of their friends for 25% off their order to share the love. Donation to Africa New Life Ministry of $100 (here's is more about why) ($670)

  • Africa New Life MinistriesAwesome charity in Africa that will receive a donation. Will receive a donation in the name of the grand prize winner to provide food to a family in Rwanda. (to receive $200)

  • Anthology Gear Wear: Anthology stands on one fundamental principle: build the best or don’t bother. Functional art for musicians. Crafted in leather. Inspired by the Road. Providing a gift certificate for the grand prize winner. ($50)
  • American Mustache Institute (AMI)Biggest and best mustache organization in the US. Providing merchandise to all three winners; matching donation of $100 to Africa New Life Ministries ($275)

  • Art of ManlinessA website dedicated to helping guys become men. Providing two books to grand prize winner. ($30)

  • BeardCoreOne of the oldest and most respected names in beard apparel. Providing three t-shirts, one to each winner. ($50)

  • Beardimus Maximus and Save the Beard: The guy who got all those likes and got to keep his beard. Then he took his fame and hosted a hugely successful beard competition that raised serious money for charity. I think you'll be hearing a lot more about him soon. Providing a gift certificate to all three winners for use on a website, TBD ($250)
  • Beard Team USABiggest and best beard organization in the US. Providing shirts and Beard Team USA lapel pins. ($100)

  • Beard tokenA modern version of the historic beard token. A must have for all men with beard. Providing Beard Token bottle openers to all winners. ($120)

  • BeardgangOne of the finest beard apparel companies on the Internet. Providing a hat to the grand prize winner. ($45)

  • Bearded Gospel MenFunny. Lightly religious. They make the graphics everyone steals and shares. Providing a hat to each winner and a shirt to the grand prize winner. ($80)

  • Detroit Beard LeagueThe home beard club of CanYouHandlebar. Awesome folks. Providing shirts for all three winners ($60)

  • East Coast EricA US armed forces veteran. A master with paracord. A brilliant old-school sign painter. Providing a paracord bracelet to all three winners. ($30)

  • Ewing Dry GoodsAn artist, apparel maker and craftsman all rolled into one. Providing three different hand made key clips; one for each winner. ($110)

  • Gnarley BeardThe preeminent voice of beards on Instagram and purveyor of beard lifestyle merchandise. Providing a shirt for each winner. ($90)

  • HoldsterA company at the intersection of leather and mason jars. Yeah, awesome. Providing a couple of his signature Holdsters and some 40% off coupon codes. ($80)

  • Manly Marks: Hand bound, hand made books about manliness, various and sundry other hand printed items. Providing a hand bound book, he made; as in, the content, the binding, everything. And an awesome craft made "man card" ($60)

  • MomugsEarthen vessels that blend beauty and utility. Famous for moustache saving coffee mugs. Providing three signature Momugs coffee mugs and a new Momug beer tumbler. ($100)

  • Mountain Man SoapHand made soaps that smell like manly soaps ought to smell and perform superlatively. Providing full size bars of his craft made soaps including a CanYouHandlebar commissioned beard soap. ($40)

  • Mustache Bottle OpenerMakes the iconic, much lauded handlebar mustache bottle opener out of thick steel. Smooth edges--sharp accessoryProviding mustache bottle openers to all winners. ($50)

  • No Outlet No ProblemProduces portable backup power devices for electronics. Technologically superior. Owner has a handlebar, too! Providing the new XL behemoth portable power unit to the grand prize winner and a merely ridiculous capacity Expedition to second place. ($175)

  • Offerman Wood Shop: The wood shop that this guy named Nick Offerman owns, you might know him as "Ron Swanson" but I know him as the guy that owns the wood shop that made my custom "mustache comb." He and his talented team make some of the finest looking wood products I have seen. Providing some really cool hand made wood products, and whatnot. ($TBD)
  • OneEyedCatCrafts: Jason makes very cool stuff. Clear your mind. Now add cats, facial hair, coffee mugs and attitude. You've got the idea. He is providing once of his creations to each winner ($60)
  • Saddleback LeatherTough, good looking, overbuilt leather gear. The only items itemized in my will. 100 year warranty. Providing a Tobacco colored medium briefcase for the grand prize winner. Comes with 100 year warranty and a lot of jealousy. ($471)

  • Second Shot Wood Shop: A wood shop that specializes in customs pieces and wood burned detail work. I commissioned Michael to make the official CanYouHandlebar sign and it is awesome. Providing the official trophy for the First Annual Internet Best In Show. (priceless)
  • Stay Classy Playing CardsA classy, black tie facelift design for the Bicycle Playing Cards. Providing decks for each winner and "some other goodies." ($25)

  • Tactical KeychainsSimple. Elegant. Functional "every day carry" items to help you prepare for anything life throws at you. Providing two signature "WTF" (wrench that fits) pocket tools to the grand prize winner and a single WTF to the other two winners. ($180)

  • Thunderbeard RecordsA bearded-entrepreneur led record label specializing in vinyl records and beard apparel. Vinyl record from the label for the grand prize winner. ($30)

  • Titlebeard Product ReviewsThe highest quality and most comprehensive beard and moustache product review site. A profile of the grand prize winner on the site. (priceless)

  • Whipping PostUncommonly durable, unquestionably good looking leather products. Providing a Picker Wallet to the grand prize winner. A wallet with a built in spot for a guitar pick ($30)

What are the rules and details?

  1. Contest is open to those 18 years and older 
  2. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.
  3. No employees or immediate family of any sponsoring organizations of this contest, present or past partners of, or those sponsored by CanYouHandlebar are eligible to enter
  4. If anything goes wrong with software or in the rules of the contest, CanYouHandlebar will award prizes keeping with the spirit of the contest. By entering you agree to abide by all decisions
  5. Winner will be responsible for any local, state, or federal taxes, where applicable, as well as tariffs or other fees beyond the cost of shipping. Once shipped, CanYouHandlebar and sponsors are not responsible for transport.
  6. Prize of "$3500" was determined by adding retail value of sponsors prizes and estimated value of discounts.
  7. Entries must have facial hair, be PG rated, age 18+, must be a recent picture of you (within the last 2 weeks (edit: still accurate as of entry). Proof upon request). By entering you are indicating you own the rights to all photographs and allow CanYouHandlebar and sponsors to use online during and after the contest. CanYouHandlebar may email you at the email address you provide
  8. This is intended to be decided by legitimate popular opinion. Any successful or attempted mechanical or paid voting or any other form of cheating observed that violates this intent will result in immediate disqualification and forfeiture of any prizes 
  9. Any sponsor prizes not available at the time of contest conclusion will be mailed afterward directly to winner
  10. In the unlikely event that any sponsor changes or pulls their sponsorship is understood to be beyond the control of CanYouHandlebar and CanYouHandlebar will not be held responsible in any way, financially or otherwise

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