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Product Review: Moustache Comb by Offerman Wood Shop

Offerman Wood Shop Beard Moustache Comb

Handmade moustache (err, beard) comb

There are a few things in this world of which I am a big fan: craftsmanship, things made of wood, heirloom quality, beards, moustaches, and the free market. Nick Offerman, perhaps best known as Ron Swanson on the show Parks and Recreation, offers all of these rolled up into one handcrafted comb, which I received this week.


Overview of the moustache comb:

The comb is touted as a moustache comb, perhaps because Ron Swanson/Nick Offerman wears a moustache and not a beard, but this comb is a far better beard comb than moustache comb. The fingers of the comb are too far apart to provide much utility as a moustache comb. That does not take away from the comb at all but if you are looking for a moustache comb for daily use, this is probably not it.

The comb is made from three pieces of wood–maple, wenge, and walnut seamlessly combined into a high-contrast form that gently tapers from the handle toward the ends of the eight tines.

The finished product is both beautiful and functional as a beard detangling brush. As well as it works as a beard comb, the real charm is as an homage to American manufacturing and classic grit and masculinity. As a functional decoration it is a reasonable $75 (or $100 monogrammed). As merely a comb, it would be steep.

Noteworthy details

I was fortunate to have mine monogrammed with “CYHB” for Can You Handlebar. The letter of the monogram, like the logo on the opposing side are burned in so I won’t need to worry about the logo wearing off over time.

The details are what really make this comb stand out from the pack.

  • Each tine is carved by hand and the marks from the knife are left in place.
  • From the reputation Offerman has as a master wood worker I knew the product would be technically flawless and I was not disappointed.
  • The grain of the tines goes along the length of the tines and the grain of the handle goes along the width of the handle. I suspect this provides the most strength for each application. This attention to detail and knowledge of the materials he uses is the mark of a good craftsman.
  • The overall piece has a suitable amount of fit and finish without removing the charm of a slightly rustic handmade tool.

Frankly I would have been a little disappointed if everything were too perfect because I would then need to compare it to a mass produced comb from Amazon and it may have fallen short on account of the price versus utility ratio. As it stands, I feel like I am buying something made by the hands of a person I’d like to know.


If you have a beard or just like good old-fashioned men’s lifestyle products like combs, dopp kits or straight razors, then this comb will make a nice addition to your collection. If you are looking for the cheapest way to arrange the hairs on your face, then you probably will feel this costs too much. Personally, I am really happy with the purchase and the opportunity to support another craftsman and enjoy the thought that went into delivering such a high quality product.



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