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How to Set Your Wax Up for Success

The secrets to an expertly styled moustache lie not only in knowing how to prepare moustache wax for use, but also in properly setting your moustache once it's styled.  Whereas the secret to preparing your moustache is warmth, the secret to setting it is cold.  This is especially important in the warmer months of the year as the outside environment is constantly fighting to undo your hard work.  

Once you've styled your moustache to your liking, applying a cooling element to the wax will harden the wax and ensure that your style stays put.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways: 

  • Turn your hairdryer to its cool setting and gently pass the hairdryer in front of your moustache at a distance that will cool it but not unsettle it; 
  • Place your face in front of the air conditioning vent in a car or other location and allow the cool air to set your moustache; 
  • Open the freezer door and stick your face in for thirty seconds to a minute - it may sound silly, but the quick change from a warmer environment to a much cooler one will set your moustache, and the lack of moving air will keep your moustache in place while the wax sets; 
  • In the cold months, simply step outside and let the cool environment set the wax.  

The cooling process may take anywhere from thirty seconds to a few minutes, but this is an imperative step in the process.  Allowing your wax to fully set will help make sure that your hard work and efforts to style your moustache aren't undone once you step out the door.  Happy waxing, everyone!

Need some moustache wax?  Try our Primary (medium hold) or Secondary (firm hold), and pick up some wax lifters and a moustache comb to make your styling even easier.


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Tim Kramer
Tim Kramer

July 18, 2016

Hey Avery,

Tim here. Really sorry to hear that Primary wax isn’t softening up for you. That’s really odd! Could you please shoot us an email at with your address so we can send you a replacement tin? Sorry for the delay in replying to you! Let me know if I can help with anything else, ok?



July 06, 2016

I received your original moustache wax (primary)25g and a very well made comb from my son for my birthday the other day,now I have had a moustache over 60 odd years using all types of waxes, but yours is very very hard to get onto my finger it seems as though it is stale as I have tried softening up with a hair dryer. It is still a no go.what can we do to alleviate this problem???Would like to hear from you as soon as possible..Many thanks. Avery

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