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A Guide to Pairing your Facial Hair with Sunglasses

Quick view: You're rocking that fantastic facial hair and now you're wondering which sunglasses are going to look best. This helpful infographic from Sunglass Warehouse will get you on the right track!

 Summer is here and it may be time to snag some new shades! The shape our your face has a lot to do with what sunglasses are going to look great and which ones just don't work. Thankfully for us fellas the ability to grow facial hair can really open up the options for us. 

Sunglass Warehouse recently let us know about a sweet infographic they put together that offers some great suggestions on styles of sunglasses for certain types of facial hair. We really dig it! 

I (Tim) had some cheap aviators but recently got some Pepper's Bluefin Polarized shades from REI (see below). What do you think? Do they work with my face and beard?

Andy prefers the Rayban Wayfarers and looks pretty awesome (see below)! He also will occasionally wear these fancy ones.  


What about you? What are your go-to shades and what kind of facial hair are you rocking with them? We'd love to hear from you!

We hope this short blog helps get you on the right track for some styling shades and a wonderful summer. With the change in temperature and more outdoor activities be sure to take care of that facial hair of yours with some fantastic beard oils. Special thanks to Bryan Vu at Sunglass Warehouse for sharing the infographic with us. Be sure to check out their article as well! 


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