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Basic Beard Care Kit: Devotion (patchouli and floral) Bottle

Included in Your Kit

This basic kit will help maintain a beard and moustache of any length. In a handsome kraft colored box, each of these kits include our exclusive CanYouHandlebar Beard Oil Brush, your choice of our traditional oils or beard balms (aka Dry Oil) and add you'll also "get a pair" of our moustache waxes. Be sure to pick up a couple accessories too!

About the Beard Oil Brush

Each brush proudly displays the CanYouHandlebar logo and looks great wherever you keep it! The brush bristles are made of horsehair. Over time, the porous wood will absorb the oils you use and may even show through on the top side. This is to be expected and is not harmful.

What do they smell like?

About Devotion Beard Oil

With Devotion, we combined patchouli and cognac essential oils to create a rugged floral scent. Devotion answers the question “can a floral scent still be masculine?” with a resounding “yes!”. Patchouli and floral scents can be polarizing, but we combined them in a way that brings out the best in both, to bring out the best in your beard.

How do I apply beard oil?

Pour a little in your hand or Beard Oil Brush. Massage the oil into your whole beard, front and back. Comb or bursh your beard with a Beard Comb or Kent Brush. For videos on how to use beard oils click here, and for more general beard and moustache advice, visit the CanYouHandlebar blog.

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