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The mementos we collect

the mementos we collect

A clock, a leather case, a pipe and a wallet my dad made: mementos over the years that help me remember where I have been.

The importance of Mementos

I mentioned in my Manifesto that I have collected mementos over the years that help me remember where I have been. This post explains the mementos on my Facebook background photo. I hope that through this site we will get to know one another. I will start by sharing a little bit about me.

The pipe I inherited from my dad. It's a Meerschaum pipe of a Sikh in a turban. The clay from the Meerschaum is really special because over the years it pulls in the tobacco and presents it to the surface making the carving come alive with character. As the smoker holds the pipe the oils from his hand transfer and that adds to the effect. This means a lot to me because I am adding to the patina my father started.

Have you ever thought about how amazing mechanical clocks and watches are? With less metal than I carry on my key chain, these machines can tell us the position of the Earth around its axis within a couple seconds. In one of those seconds my wife said "I do." In another I saved a life. In one second my son was born; in another second my father passed (represented by the hands on the clock in the photo above). With the exception of this photo time never stands still. Seconds fall over like dominoes that started before us and will keep falling us after we move on.

The tooled leather wallet was made by my dad who was a really talented leather worker. He used to volunteer at 4H (kind of like Boy Scouts for kids that already live in the woods) teaching leather work and I still have his tools in my toolbox. All of this sits atop a leather iPad case inscribed by the owner of Saddleback Leather (where I work during the day). What he said means a lot to me and I will keep it long after my iPad becomes just an expensive digital picture frame.

Do you have mementos you keep around you to remind you of your successes, failures, friends, family or steps along your path? 

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