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Spring Disc Giveaway Contest

Quick View: Spring is in the air, birds are singing, beards are blowing in the wind, and games of disc golf and ultimate are being played. To celebrate all the goodness of Spring we're giving away FIVE special edition Can You Handlebar discs and some beard oil. See below for details!

The Contest

To celebrate Spring and to encourage all you beards to get out and be active we're doing a fun giveaway contest. The contest is happening on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. If you don't have an account for those yet you'll definitely want to make an account for the contest (and you can always delete your account when it's done). 

The Prizes

Each winner will receive the following prizes:

-1 Special edition Can You Handlebar disc (there are ONLY 5 of these bad boys!!)

-1 Bottle of our Initiative Beard Oil

-1 Bottle of our Devotion Beard Oil

-1 Can of our Initiative Beard Dry Oil

-1 Can of our Devotion Beard Dry Oil

How to Enter

-To enter simply share, repost, or retweet our original contest post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

- NOTE: Please make sure your account is set to PUBLIC to enter. If it is private we will not see the repost and you won't be in the random drawing. :D 

-You can share, repost, or retweet as many times as you like. Since we're picking the winners randomly it won't necessarily increase your chance of winning. 

-The contest will run April 25-April 29th with winners being announced on May 2nd.

- We will pick FIVE random winners across social.

-Each winner will get One special edition CYHB disc, 1 bottle of Initiative Beard Oil, 1 can of Initiative Beard Dry Oil, 1 bottle of Devotion Beard Oil, and 1 can of Initiative Beard Dry Oil.

Happy Spring and good luck!

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