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The Panic Room, Gear Patrol, fresh bread, and wisdom

Photo courtesy of Paul Bennett, @azbennett77.  Paul is a self-professed pen nerd and CanYouHandlebar fanatic.
Summer is in full swing, and we're on the move.  Join us as we go from a barbershop in Singapore to a bakery in Michigan, and get some recommendations on what to use to take care of your beard and moustache along the way.  Learn more about Can You Handlebar being named to a list of top beard care products and the benefits of wisdom. 

Thank you for joining us in our travels. 
~Doug Geiger, Gentleman in Charge. 
Featured Stockist: The Panic Room
If you ever find yourself in Geylang, Singapore, in need of a great haircut and some great beard and moustache products, visit our friends at The Panic Room.  They offer CanYouHandlebar products alongside great haircuts.  We asked them to describe themselves - see what they had to say between the pictures below.  
"The Panic Room operates from a shophouse in Geylang, the seamy side of Singapore where rules get bent and romance is for rent, where red lantern lights clash with the neon of karaoke lounges."
"Even as dodgy deals go down in the alleyways around us, we have made a reputable name for ourselves by providing a great grooming experience for our clients, be it a haircut, wet shave, or hair tattoo."
"Collectively known as The Panic Squad, our barbers have earned a reputation as handsome-makers, unbeholden to trends and passing fashions in lieu of timeless style."
We love working with The Panic Room and are honored to have them sell Can You Handlebar products. To learn more about them, visit and make sure to follow their Instagram page @thepanicroom_sg to see more awesome pictures like these.  
Proudly worn by: Ryan, Erie Bread Company

This is Ryan, a baker with the Erie Bread Company.  Ryan recently contacted us to let us know how Can You Handlebar's Primary and Secondary waxes help him keep his moustache looking great at work.  

"We make handmade artisan bread. We serve real food made with real ingredients. 
Can You Handlebar has made it possible to keep this ridiculous mustache. I mean I know it's goofy. That's why I like it. People tend to think it takes a lot of effort to maintain and style your mustache, but it doesn't, especially if you use a great wax like Can You Handlebar.

The simple steps to a great mustache: (1) stop trimming, (2) wax everyday, (3) have fun. Can You Handlebar holds my mustache in shape all day, and as a baker, that is very impressive. I am moving and manipulating dough in front of a hot oven and at the end of my shift, 8 hours later, covered in flour, my mustache is still ready to impress."

Thanks for sharing, Ryan!  To learn more about Erie Bread Company, visit  When you're ready to go pick up some of their handmade bread, Ryan recommends calling ahead to place an order.

Featured in: Gear Patrol
Can You Handlebar's Wisdom Dry Oil was recently named as one of the ten best beard grooming products by Gear Patrol.  We are honored to be included as part of this list that was populated by companies who all manufacture their products in the United States. To read the full list, visit, and visit to pick up some Wisdom Dry Oil of your own.  
Behind the name: Wisdom
We name our oils after virtues because we want to have a reminder each day to become better versions of ourselves. Here’s a little about Wisdom…

Wisdom has many different meanings to many different people.  One of our favorite definitions of the word is: "...knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action".  Wisdom isn't just about knowing what is true or right, but making sure that your actions reflect that knowledge.

Acting on this knowledge could be something as complex as dealing with a complicated business deal to something as simple as having the wisdom to keep your beard safely tucked away when setting off fireworks for the upcoming July 4th holiday.    

To our customers in the United States, we want to wish you all a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!  To our customers in England - no hard feelings ;)

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James Parrish
James Parrish

July 13, 2015

I’d say, there is no need to take any extra care to grow beard at the initial stage. Once you reach the ugly-looking stage and get screamed on by family and friends, only then you need to focus on beard oil and cream and all the stuff.

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