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The importance of moustache care

Brian Furby aka TitleBeard, with a moustache styled with CanYouHandlebar Secondary moustache wax

Brian Furby aka TitleBeard with a moustache styled with Can You Handlebar Secondary moustache wax.


Moustache care is important too

For those of you with standalone moustaches, this may come as no surprise, but this is directed more to our bearded friends who also sport a moustache – caring for your moustache is just as important as caring for your beard; arguably, more important. Not because your moustache is more deserving of care, but simply because your moustache is on the front line of the daily firefight we call life.

Take a moment and think about it. Sure, you may get food in your beard, but how often do you get food or condiments in your moustache? Likely much more often. How often have you gone to take a bite of food and ended up with a bite of moustache instead?  If you smoke, any time you exhale, the smoke comes into contact with your moustache.  Even if you don’t smoke – any time you breathe, that air and condensation hits your moustache.   When you kiss your significant other, there’s the moustache again.  As you see, the point that we’re making is that your moustache comes into contact with all sorts of foreign bodies throughout the day, so you need to make sure that you care for your moustache properly to reduce the wear and tear. 

Beard oil isn't just for beards

Of course you could also use our Primary or Secondary wax to keep your moustache out of your mouth, but your moustache will still come into contact with something, even if it’s just the air you breathe.  When you wash your beard with our Every Day Beard Soap, be sure to wash your moustache too.  Whether using one of our traditional beard oils or one of Beard Dry Oils, take the time to apply some of your chosen conditioner to your moustache as well (unless you’ll be applying wax, because the oils can break down the hold the wax offers). 

Did you have a long day out on the town with a supremely styled moustache?  Even if you do not wash the wax out of your moustache at the end of the day, take some time to apply one of our traditional beard oils or Beard Dry Oil to your moustache.  The oils will not only help break up the wax, making it easier to wash out the next morning, but will condition your moustache throughout the night, leaving you to wake up to a healthy and happy moustache.  Even though our moustache waxes were designed with not only hold, but moustache health, in mind, the extra conditioning offered by one of our oils is a great step to take to preserve the health of your moustache.

Proper care contributes to better growth

Using facial hair care products are about supplementing the natural oils that your body produces.  Daily activities like all of those mentioned above can strip your hair of these natural oils, and a poorly taken care of moustache is not only dry, but more prone to split ends and broken hairs.  When growing a beard and a moustache, many men have realized that their moustache appears to grow slower than their beard.  While this is true in many cases, taking steps to properly condition and care for your moustache will ensure that your moustache is in a prime position to grow, and remember, a happy moustache makes for a happy man.


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The Art of Shaving
The Art of Shaving

May 27, 2015

I think using a good facial scrub is important to when caring and maintaining your stache. Like you were saying, your moustache is going to come in contact with a lot of different foreign bodies and a good facial scrub can help keep it clean. With the dead skin that grows underneath facial hair, its worth giving a good scrub every once and awhile.

Dave Warren
Dave Warren

May 01, 2015

Keep me on your e-mail list. I have the core supplies you offer already, but I had a lapse in good judgement and trimmed…
So, now my beard and ‘stache are of proper length to demand product use and I need to use up what I have before ordering more. My handlebar is almost 8 inches across if I don’t “loop” it.

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