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Primary Moustache Wax vs. Secondary Moustache Wax

Quick tips: Primary moustache wax has a medium hold and is great for daily use.  Secondary is a firmer wax perfect for more aggressive hold and styles. 

One of the most common questions we hear is "Should I use Primary or Secondary Moustache Wax?"  We appreciate customers wanting to make an informed choice - we're happy with the quality of our products and we want you to be confident in, and happy with, your purchase.  Feel free to peruse this brief explanation of the differences between our moustache waxes, and contact us with any questions. 

A thoughtful recipe

We have nothing to hide with our moustache wax.  Our ingredients always have been, and always will be, printed on the label for you to see.   Both of our waxes contain local (Michigan) beeswax, lanolin, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E.  After much experimentation, this is the combination of ingredients that we came up with to best style your moustache while being conscious of your facial hair's health as well.  The same care that went into crafting the final recipe also went into the design and materials of our labels.  Like with our traditional beard oils and Beard Dry Oil, the labels on our tins of moustache wax are oil proof and water proof. 


In our description of our Primary Moustache Wax, we ask the question "Are you a laid back gentleman that would prefer to encourage your hairs rather than resort to force?"  If so, this is your wax.  Primary wax is a medium hold wax that is great for daily use.  As we discussed in How to grow a handlebar moustache, training your moustache is an important part of the handlebar process.  Primary is an excellent product to train your moustache, not only to shape a handlebar but also to encourage your moustache to lay the way you'd like, whether that be for the simple purpose of keeping it out of your mouth during the day or to help you cultivate your own moustache style.  However, as Primary is a medium hold wax, it does allow users to craft more aggressive stylings that will hold up throughout the day. 


Our Secondary Moustache Wax is simply, "a firmer wax".  If you are looking for a moustache wax that will allow you to craft the most detailed of stylings and keep it in place throughout the day and night, this is the wax for you.  While Secondary was not designed with competitive facial hair events in mind, it has shone through as an ideal wax for competitive purposes; one that allows you to style your moustache and keep it in place throughout the rigors of competition as the night goes on.  You'll notice that Secondary is firmer in the tin than Primary and thus requires more heat to make the wax malleable, but the application process is still straightforward and easy to do with some practice and the aid of simple tools like our wax lifters, Kent Moustache Comb, and a flat iron and/or a hair dryer on a low heat setting.

Don't be afraid to use wax on a daily basis

Regardless of whether you choose to use Primary or Secondary, don't be afraid to use moustache wax on a daily basis, especially if you are training your moustache.  Knowing how to effectively use moustache wax is an important step in making sure that your moustache always looks its best.  We designed our wax with daily use in mind, not just in the wax itself, but even in the tins themselves.  Our tins have a slim profile that fits easily in even the smallest of pockets, making it a perfect addition to your every day carry.  While you may not need to reapply moustache wax throughout the day, it is always handy to have on your person in case you need a touch up.  Still haven't been able to decide which you would like?  No problem; take advantage of our discounted Get A Pair package. Keep in mind, while we have been discussing the differences, Primary and Secondary work well in concert with each other.  There are a number of customers who use Primary to wax the middle hairs of their moustache and then use secondary for the curls in a handlebar and other styles that may require more hold.  Good luck, and happy waxing! 


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January 30, 2017

Hey Robert,

Great question! The most common way is to use your thumb nail. Make sure the wax is warm enough to be pliable and tacky then use the back of your thumb nail to scoop out the amount you need (start small). If you have a guitar pick or similar sized item handy that can be helpful too.

Hope that helps!


Robert Pisor
Robert Pisor

January 28, 2017

How do I transfer wax from the tin to my mustache?

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