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What is Beard Dry Oil?

Quick tip: Beard Dry Oil is a conditioning product made of a mixture of base oils for conditioning, essential oil for scent, and beeswax to make the product solid and offer you mild styling capabilities.  The end result is a product designed to keep your beard healthy and looking great.

Beard Dry Oil is Can You Handlebar’s premium beard balm. You are likely familiar with beard products on some level, and you may have even read our recent post asking (and answering) the question – what is beard oil? Now we’re back with another post designed to give you some more information on just what it is that you’re putting into your beard. As a producer of beard and moustache products, Can You Handlebar wants to make sure you’re informed about the products you’re using on your beard. You take the time to cultivate your beard, so it makes sense that you would want to take the time to learn a little more about what you put into it.

Beard oil, with a twist

Simply put – our Beard Dry Oil is a premium hand-crafted beard oil, with a twist. Like traditional beard oils, Beard Dry Oil is a topical conditioner designed to keep your beard healthy and looking great. What makes this beard oil a “dry oil” is the addition of beeswax. We add just enough beeswax to make the Dry Oil (or balm, if you prefer), solid at room temperature.

Beeswax can help you style and train your beard

In addition to having the benefits of a traditional beard oil (read more about those in our post, "What is beard oil?"), the beeswax in the Beard Dry Oil offers hold that will help you to style your beard. The styling properties offered in the Beard Dry Oil are not the type to aggressively style your beard, but rather give you the ability to shape your beard for the day offering you a nice groomed look. Additionally, the beeswax will allow you to train your beard. As your beard gets longer, you may notice that the natural curve of your facial hair gives your beard an unruly appearance. Once you have applied the dry oil, either with your fingers or one of our Beard Oil Brushes (Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush) (click here for tips on application), you can brush your beard in the direction you want your hairs to lie while using a hair dryer on a low heat setting. Repeating this process on a daily basis will train the hairs to lie the way you’d like.

The consistency of the Beard Dry Oil is thicker and slightly heavier than traditional beard oils. This can be beneficial to your beard in times where your beard is in need of extra conditioning. The beeswax works to give your facial hair an extra coating that helps hold in the oils longer which will in turn more fully condition your beard.

Our Beard Dry Oils are available in the same scents as our traditional oils, Wisdom, Initiative, Devotion, and Classic (unscented). Regardless of which one you choose, our Beard Dry Oil will keep your beard conditioned and looking great throughout the entire day.


This post is part of an ongoing Can You Handlebar series designed to help our customers.  Please visit our full library of articles at TheBeardMentor.com

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Adam FurrDogg Swanson
Adam FurrDogg Swanson

March 04, 2015

The Dry Beard oil is by far my favorite product out there. I’ve tried several, and it’s the perfect blend between solid and liquid. It’s not hard to get out of the tin like balms, and doesn’t spill like oil. AND, it comes in my two favorite scents available. You killed it with this one Doug, Love it!

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