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Product Review--Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet



Quick View: At the time of this writing I’ve had and used my Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet for three years. The color is Tobacco Brown which was replaced a while back by the Tobacco color.


Saddleback Leather is known for producing over-engineered leather goods and the Front Pocket ID Wallet certainly fits that description. Made of full grain leather and perfectly stitched with marine-grade polyester thread the wallet has performed amazingly for three years with zero issues.



The design is simple and very practical. The front of the wallet features a plastic-free window ID slot with a card slot behind it. The middle of the wallet has a simple cash slot. The back of the wallet features two card slots.

I purchased mine on Dave’s Deals so be sure to check there for discounted leather goods. The retail price is $39.00 (Made in Old Mexico) or $43.00 (Built in the USA). At the time I purchased mine they were only being made in Old Mexico. It comes with a 100 year warranty and will literally be the last wallet you ever buy (unless you buy another Saddleback Leather wallet).


Currently in my wallet:


  1. My ID
  2. 3 Credit Cards
  3. 8 Miscellaneous Cards (Gift Cards, REI Membership Card, Health Insurance, etc.)
  4. Cash: 5 $1 bills folded in half vertically





The Front Pocket ID Wallet by Saddleback Leather is fantastic. It fits virtually unnoticeably in your shirt or pants pockets (front or back). It’s slim, lightweight, and built to last for at least 100 years. The only note to consider is if you tend to carry a lot of cash. The cash slot is not designed to hold a huge wad of cash but can definitely carry a small amount. Please note US bills fit best when folded in half or even thirds.

If you’re a minimalist or trying to head in that direction I don’t know that you’ll find a better wallet than this one. With the price point, the quality, and the awesome 100 year warranty I have no doubt one of my boys will be inheriting this wallet in a decade or so. This wallet also makes for an excellent gift! 

Note: I, Tim, who wrote this review am currently employed by Saddleback Leather. I did purchase the wallet myself and really love it. 

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