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How to Maintain Your Beard--Part Two: Oiling

Quick Tips: After using a quality beard soap like our Every Day Beard Soap to wash your beard towel dry your beard and then apply the beard oil by hand or with our Beard Oil Brush.

In How To Maintain Your Beard Part One--Washing we looked at the importance of washing your beard. In part two we will talk about how essential it is to oil your beard, using our awesome beard oils.

What is beard oil?

Before diving into why you should use beard oil it’s important to understand what beard oil is. The answer is that beard oil is a conditioning product made of base oils for conditioning and essentials oils for scent, designed to keep your beard healthy and looking great. Check out the natural ingredients we use in our oils.

Another way of looking at beard oil is that it is a supplement that helps keep your skin hydrated, conditioned, and healthy. You can read more on what beard oil is in our previous blog: What is Beard Oil?  If your beard itches and you are seeing a lot of dandruff (or should we say beardruff) this is a sign of dryness.

Why should you use beard oil?

As your beard grows and is exposed to the elements daily it loses some of those hydrating oils that are needed to keep your beard and face healthy. Even washing your beard (which we definitely recommend, check out our recent blog (“How to Maintain Your Beard--Part One: Washing”) can remove some of these vital oils. As stated above beard oils act as a supplement to keep your face and beard hair follicles conditioned and hydrated.

Doing so will cut down on the aforementioned itching and beardruff. The scents from the essentials oils will help you smell amazing and the combination of base oils and essentials oils will give your mane a glorious shine!

How and when do I use beard oil?

We recommend applying the beard oil after a hot shower in which you’ve washed your beard. The heat opens up the pores of your skin so they’re ready for a nice conditioning drink of oil.

Applying the oil:

  1. Towel dry your beard.
  2. If you’re using our Beard Oil Dry the easiest way to apply is to use our Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush. See our previous blog post: How to Apply Beard Oil with the Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush. The Dry Beard Oil Brush can also be used to apply our traditional beard oils.

Andy did a sweet video on how to use the Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush.

3. The most common way of applying Traditional Beard Oils is to simply drop the oil into the palm of your hand. Depending on the size of your beard, pour between a dime and quarter sized puddle into your hand and massage the oil into your whole beard, front and back. Comb your beard with a Beard Comb

4. Start at the bottom of your beard and work your way up. Start with a small amount of oil and add more as needed.

Coming up next in Part Three will be how to maintain your beard by brushing it. Thanks for reading!


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February 26, 2016

Right on, Michael! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience. It’s easy to overlook the need for proper conditioning but once you start you know you can’t stop.



Michael Harrell
Michael Harrell

February 26, 2016

Having grown my current beard for nearly 5 years, the importance of proper conditioning has become quite apparent. I feel it is even more necessary during the winter months. I spend a lot of time ice fishing and snowshoeing. The cold, dry winds seem to do more damage than summer heat and sun.

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