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Product Review: Whisker Dam

Quick Look: This is an unbiased review of the Whisker Dam. We did not receive anything for this review nor were we asked to do this review by Whisker Dam. The Whisker Dam is a fantastic accessory that every moustached man should consider owning.


In their own words the Whisker Dam is “the best dam invention for keeping your mustache dry.” It’s made of 100% copper and fits on pint glasses as well as most similarly sized drinking vessels.

It arrives with a nice patina and has a non-toxic barrier so you don’t have to worry about anything while you enjoy your beverage of choice. The simple design includes foldable tabs so you can adjust for a perfect fit.

You’re probably wondering how much does the Whisker Dam cost? My wife got it for me for Christmas and paid $25 for the Whisker Dam and a cool little leather pouch to carry it in. Shipping was $4 so a total of $29. Not bad! You can get just the Whisker Dam for $20. As much as I use it the price seems very reasonable.

Overall the Whisker Dam functions quite well. It definitely makes a huge difference in keeping my moustache dry. It’s so nice to drink a beer and enjoy more of it than my moustache does!

How is it used?

  1. Select a beverage of your choice and your favorite drinking vessel. It’s designed for a pint glass so naturally fits that sized glass best, but it can be used on any similarly sized vessel.
  2. Pour said beverage into the glass/cup/mug.
  3. Place the Whisker Dam on the lip of the glass/cup/mug and press gently with your thumbs on the outside tabs to make sure it’s on there securely.
  4. Enjoy your beverage without your moustache drinking all of it.
  5. When you’re done, dry off the Whisker Dam and place it back in its leather pouch, the box it comes in, or safely on a shelf.





In conclusion I highly recommend grabbing a Whisker Dam if you are a moustached man or buying as a gift for your moustached man. The price is fair and it really does keep your moustache dry. Check out my Whisker Dam Video Review below to see more. 


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