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Review: Mustache Bottle Opener

Mustache Bottle Opener macro shot


Being in the facial-hair world, most moustache and beard themed products find their way into my inbox about 12 times. Some make me chuckle, many make my eyes roll. And every once in a while I find something I really like–a product that stands on its own merit. That is the case with the Moustache Bottle Opener. After a month on my keychain and a dozen conversations about what it is and where to get one I have the sense I am holding what will become an iconic brand long after the moustache fad is trimmed back to the truly loyal. The brand itself, like the bottle opener, is clearly solid and built for the long haul. I’ve talked with the founder, Adam, and he is a good guy with a real passion for the company and the facial hair community.



I highly recommend this as a product for anyone that opens a bottle from time to time (or regularly) or as a gift for any fans of the handlebar. You’ll be seeing these bottle openers around a lot soon…

Mustache bottle opener next to beer


The stainless steel construction makes the opener attractive and substantial. I suspect there were materials out there that would have cost less to source, to cut and to ship than (what I guess to be) 1/4″ stainless. One one side is a crisp laser etched logo that is tasteful and actually adds to the opener insofar as it clearly isn’t something quickly spat out of a factory. The overall feel is that it has a pleasing weight and excellent fit and finish.

Close up of mustache bottle opener on railing


Each side of the handlebar is functional; however, as a permanent member of my keychain, I only use the outermost curl. After four weeks there is no visible wear. The width of the opener means that it takes a top off a beer or bottle of IBC root beer with a single motion. There is no cap creasing like you might get with some stamped steel novelty gift. I suspect there was a fair bit of prototyping (or some “Rain man” engineering) because a bottle seats itself perfectly in the opener every time. 


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