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Show Stuff Get Stuff!

In the world of Every Day Carry, or EDC, there’s a longstanding tradition of posting photos of a “pocket dump”, or “hand dump”, where the person lays out everything they have in their pockets and snaps a photo of it to then show off to their friends and followers on social media.  Check out the great shot above, from our buddy @Furrdogg, that appeared in our August newsletter.  

We’re fans of the EDC movement and always enjoy a good pocket dump photo, especially when they feature a Can You Handlebar product.  Since our products are designed with your EDC in mind, we wanted to give you a chance to show off your pocket dump with the chance of adding to it in the process.  

Post your best pocket dump photo, like any of these that you see here, that includes your Can You Handlebar product of choice, on either Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.  Be sure to use the hashtag #ShowStuffGetStuff, and feel free to tag Can You Handlebar and our other four sponsors: Saddleback Leather, Karas Kustoms, Red Raven Hanks, and Rite in the Rain.

A pre-beard competition pocket dump from our friend @TitleBeard.

To all of you future customers out there, if you don’t have one of our products but still want to participate, simply write Can You Handlebar on a piece of paper or something else and include that in your pocket dump photo.

On September 7, 2015, the winner will be chosen based on overall photo composition and originality of presentation.  This isn’t a contest to see who has the most expensive ensemble or who has the most Can You Handlebar products, and we know that a lawyer’s pocket dump may look different than an EMT’s.  Just show off your pocket dump, show off your Can You Handlebar products (or substitute, as mentioned above), and show off your individuality.

Our grand prize winner will not only receive an assortment of Can You Handlebar products to make sure that your facial hair is in its best shape, but also a wallet from Saddleback Leather, a pen from Karas Kustoms, a handkerchief from Red Raven Hanks, and pocket notebooks from Rite in the Rain, all of which will take your EDC to a whole new level.  

Two randomly selected winners will also receive a Can You Handlebar Every Day Care Kit.

A great pocket dump from our friend @AndyPoko.


  1. Post your pocket dump photo to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. before 11:59 PM ET on 9/7/2015.
  2. You must use the hashtag #ShowStuffGetStuff for your entry to be counted.  
  3. You may post on all three social networks if you wish, but your photo will only be counted once, and multiple entries will still only count as one.   
  4. Be sure to include a Can You Handlebar product in the photo or something bearing the Can You Handlebar name.
  5. This one isn’t mandatory, but strongly encouraged: Go visit all of the sponsors at the locations below.  
  6. The winners will all be announced on 9/9/2015 and everyone will have a shot at a special deal from Can You Handlebar on that day.

Can You Handlebar 

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Saddleback Leather

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Karas Kustoms

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Rite in the Rain

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Red Raven Hanks

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Rudi saldia
Rudi saldia

September 09, 2015

Who was the winner of the EDC showstuffgetstuff contest?


September 06, 2015

Gregory, thank you for your comment. We run multiple giveaways and contests per year, and some of them are social media based due to the requirements we set up with our sponsors and to encourage maximum participation. We’re sorry that you weren’t happy with the format for this one, but we’ll have at least one more before the end of the year that will be based here on the blog and inclusive of everyone.


Gregory Jennings
Gregory Jennings

September 01, 2015

Truly unfortunate that you have elected to exclude from your contest anyone that does not participate in the three social media forms that you require. Whatever happened to the "KISS"principle and let’s be inclusive of everyone and not discriminate?

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