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August 06, 2015


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Beard Art, a giant satellite, pens, and pocket dumps

Beards in Art

This is Beard Buddies, by artist Tripper Dungan.  We were recently turned on to Tripper's works, a number of which feature beards.  Head over to our blog and learn some more about Tripper in our feature, "Beards in Art: An Interview with Tripper Dungan".

Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

This is Benjamin.  He is a student at Brevard College just outside of Asheville, NC.  He's currently working at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI) as an Instructional Counselor in the "Above and Beyond: Astronomy, Physics, and Astrobiology" program.
Benjamin had this to say about CanYouHandlebar: "I was so happy when a friend of mine told me about your company. I told them I was having trouble finding a wax that could keep up with my busy lifestyle. I am very active, mostly outdoors in hot conditions. I need a strong wax to keep my prized handlebars up and in their full glory all day. While I was waiting for my first shipment, I felt like a kid on Christmas eve. Luckily, this company has one of the most prompt shipping departments I've ever encountered."
"The day arrived! My sagging, sad mustache and I ran to the mailbox! I ripped the package open, and dipped the awesome pick that came with my tin right in. Since that day I have not used another product! The Original Can You Handlebar Secondary Mustache Wax is the king of all facial hair products!" 

Customer Photo of the Month

Are CanYouHandlebar products part of your EDC?  They are for Adam Swanson aka @Furrdogg.  Tag #CanYouHandlebar in your Instagram photos to be featured in an upcoming newsletter. 

Karas Kustoms

Karas Kustoms is an Arizona based company that manufactures everything from keychains to speedsters to a number of machined pens.  The CanYouHandlebar staff has been sampling a number of different Karas options and we are very impressed with the craftmanship.  

All of their pens are thoughtfully designed, attractive, and functional writing instruments.  We'd use them even if they didn't have a number of bearded staff members who are fans of CanYouHandlebar; it's just a fortunate coincidence that they do :)  Visit them online at and be sure to follow them on Instagram @KarasKustoms.

Every Day Care

While you're thinking about your everyday carry (EDC), head over and check out our Every Day Care kit.   

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