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How to apply beard oil

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As with most things, there is more than one way to apply Beard Dry Oil and Traditional Beard Oil. Master beardsman, Andy Pokorski shows us his method for applying beard oils to his award winning beard. Included below are written instructions and videos to help you on your bearded journey! First things first, in order to apply beard oil and use your Beard Care Kit, you will need to own one! Here is where you can pick the best Beard Care Kit for your needs. Here is where you can pick up a world class beard comb. We made some videos that cover beard and moustache care, over here.

    1. First, check out the videos! to see master beardsman Andy cover beard and moustache care
    2. Get out your Can You Handlebar oil: Open your new Can You Handlebar beard oil and set it aside
    3. Oil your brush: Gently twist your Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush™ on top of your Dry Oil and twist a quarter turn or so. If you are using a traditional beard oil, add a nickel sized dollop to the center of the brush
  1. Condition the front: Start on one side and brush the Dry Oil down into the beard from the sideburns. Move on to the middle and other side.
  2. Condition the back: Now, make sure you brush oil onto the underside of your beard.
  3. Optional comb through: If you’d like you can comb your beard out to ensure total coverage. If you do this comb your beard horizontally and then finish by combing down and out into the final shape
  4. Optional hand sculpting: If you’d like, grab the outside of your beard and stroke your manly beard into its final stately form.
  5. Not optional: Admire your birthright in the mirror and each time you see the branded question mark, ask yourself what you need to do to be the sort of man you want to be.


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