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CanYouHandlebar Kent Moustache and Beard Combs

Kent Beard and Moustache comb

About our Kent combs

At CanYouHandlebar we pride ourselves on the quality of our product. On the occasions we choose to feature products that are not manufactured solely in the CanYouHandlebar headquarters, you can rest assured that they are quality products personally used and endorsed by us. To that end, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Kent, makers of the fine beard and moustache combs featured on CanYouHandlebar. 


Founded in 1777, Kent stands as one of the most well-established companies in Great Britain. Their stable roots and impeccable products have allowed them to work with many retailers for over 200 years, and Kent products can now be found in over fifty countries worldwide. Despite such a lofty reputation, many of Kent's original brushes are still made by hand, and both of the combs for sale on CanYouHandlebar are handmade. By preserving this aspect of production, Kent has ensured that your facial hair can be groomed in a pleasing, healthy fashion with less snags and split ends. The materials used to make the comb have been found to create less static in hair, and the teeth on these handmade combs are rounded, not sharp like with mass-produced combs.   

Legitimately better than the rest

Whether used on your beard, moustache, or both, the Kent combs with their hand polished and buffed teeth will work to stimulate the natural oils inside of the hair. This will give your hair a strong and healthy look while offering you a presentation equally suited for the boardroom or the clubhouse.  

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