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February 18, 2015


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How to fix an uneven moustache

CanYouHandlebar Handlebar moustache

Quick tips: Start with a clean moustache, comb your moustache straight down to check evenness, trim if necessary, or work to adjust your styling technique.

One of the most common questions we receive from fellow growers of facial hair is “My moustache (or handlebar) is uneven how do I fix it?” We are not experts, but we have been around the block a few times, and here are a few tips we have learned that may help you along the way.

Start with a clean moustache, comb it straight down

Especially when considering uneven handlebars, you must make sure that it is your moustache that is uneven and not your styling technique. Start with a clean moustache, fresh out of the shower after a good wash with Every Day Beard Soap, apply the beard oil or beard dry oil of your choice and then use a flat iron (if your moustache is long enough) or hair dryer on a low heat setting, and moustache comb, and comb your moustache straight down. Don’t be afraid to make multiple passes to make sure your moustache is lying as flat as possible.

Check your moustache closely for evenness

Check your moustache closely in the mirror. Does it appear even? It may not look even all the way across, but you want the parts that are directly opposite each other to be the same length, so the outermost tips should be the same length, the innermost parts right above the split of your upper lip should be the same length, and so on. Should you decide that a trim is in order, do so judiciously and with caution, trimming even just millimeters at a time. Place a ruler or even a level flat across your moustache to help you gauge the evenness on the outermost points.

Style your moustache to check your work

Once you have trimmed, if that was necessary, take some time and use some Primary or Secondary wax and style your moustache as you normally would. However, a quick caveat; if you did use a beard oil or dry oil when straightening your moustache, take a moment to wash that out prior to styling.  The extra oil can degrade the wax mixture and reduce the styling capabilities of the wax.  However, don’t hesitate to utilize the flatiron or hairdryer here, to make sure the wax is evenly distributed through your moustache as an uneven amount could cause uneven handlebars. Check for evenness, repeat the early steps if necessary, or sit back and admire your handiwork.



November 03, 2016

Hey Krish,

The first thing we’d recommend is to get rid of the foil shaver. :) That’s not going to help your face or hair be healthy. It may be best to shave everything and let it regrow from the same place. Then just leave it be and be patient. IF you do decide to trim use scissors not a shaver. Best of luck to you!



October 30, 2016

I’m 15 and I started shaving when I was 14 I use a machine and trim it then I started using a foil shaver and I recently saw that on the right side at the end there is less shir very less unlike the left side at the end. I shaved and it came out again with less hair on the right side at the middle of my Lip, can you help me


June 03, 2016

Hey Narain,

How long have you been growing your mustache? Do you trim or shave often or just let it grow? If you’ve been growing for a while and just seeing some patches there’s a good chance it might just be genetic. Some fellas just have hairy genes while others get a bit more of the patchy genes :) The important thing to remember is to be proud of your facial hair because it’s yours and find what works well for you.




June 02, 2016

my mustache is growing well in some place, not growing in some place

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