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Myths and Misconceptions: Growing a Handlebar Moustache

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Myth 1: The longest hairs are on the outside

Not true! A proper handlebar moustache has, as its members, hairs from all parts of the upper lip. One might think that because the tips of the handlebar are the most salient feature of the moustache style, the outer hairs are the longest. In reality, the innermost hairs are the longest because they have to travel across the whole lip and then up into the curl. The whiskers closest to the curl are the shortest if the moustache is ever trimmed.

Myth 2: You don't need to be "X" to have a Handlebar Moustache

The handlebar moustache belongs exclusively to no one type of man. Hipsters appreciate the casual confidence it lends. Prep school types appreciate its distinguished pedigree and lumberjack types love the pure manliness it exudes. If you are like me you don't fit 100% into any of these categories. I grow a handlebar moustache because it fits me. Try it out and see if it is "you."

Myth 3: Handlebar moustaches makes you an "X"

Kind of like myth #2, some people will think you are a certain sort of guy because you grow a handlebar moustache. Sometimes this is good. As an introvert, folks think I am outgoing and therefore feel comfortable starting conversations with me. I have personally never met a dumb person with a handlebar. Some folks think men with handlebars are more creative. This is the good part. Other folks don't hold handlebar moustaches in high regard. The truth is: you decide what your handlebar says about you. I think it expresses my confidence and appreciation for classic values. Only let the labels stick that apply to you!


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October 17, 2016

Hey David!

I’d say the best thing is to be true to yourself. If your handlebar moustache fits you and feels natural. Part of being a gentleman is being polite AND sometimes not giving a darn about what others think. :}D




October 01, 2016

I have a very unquiet. Handlebar moustache. 50% love it and wish they had one , 25% like it on me but don’t want one and don’t. want one in their family photos. Then there is the 25% that say it makes them angry and would like to punch me if I was not so big and they don’t. want to. go to the hospital . I wish I could get an honest. Opion ?? I have photos that I can send

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