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How to properly apply moustache wax

Archduke Ferdinand handlebar

Quick version of how to apply moustache wax

I spent some time today creating a guide for applying moustache wax

  • Pre-work: warming the wax
  • Step One: admire the can
  • Step Two: scrape some wax
  • Step Three: transfer to finger tips
  • Step Four: rub between fingers
  • Step Five: confirm wax is melted
  • Step Six: wax back of moustache
  • Step Seven: wax rest of moustache
  • Step Eight: wipe off excess wax
  • Step Nine: confirm all is well

Moustache wax application under different scenarios

Touch ups:

In this picture I am just doing a “touch up” so I focused mostly on the ends of my handlebar moustache. In addition to touching up the tips, I occasionally add a little wax to the lip line before dinner to keep those hair out of my mouth and a dab for any fly aways. I basically trace the side of the moustache, starting in the middle and working my way out to the ends. The ends are where most of the wax is needed. The middle of the moustache doesn’t support or look good with a ton of wax because you are breathing out at ~98.6 degrees all day long and constantly melting anything you put there.

Fresh application

When I have just taken a shower, I start with a totally dry moustache (oil and water don’t mix!) and put a light amount of wax in the center, working my way out and, as above, focus most of my attention on the tips. I like to use a hair dryer on low heat to ensure no wax clumps are visible and to make sure I am not dragging a comb through wax that at holding strength. If you pull a comb through wax that isn’t warmed you may pull out hair ahead of schedule. I recommend combing the freshly waxed hairs down first and then to the right and left. After the hairs are combed I gently twist the ends toward my face, using extra wax as necessary.

Under construction:

If your handlebar moustache is still in the growing phase, use more wax because it is training the hairs to grow the right direction, soothing the skin underneath that my be scratched by hairs as they grow out and it will help you resist the temptation to trim at the hairline and give yourself a mullet handlebar moustache. After three months, start using less wax in the middle (see above).

Emergency touch-up tips:

I live in Michigan and have had to apply or reapply wax under less that optimal conditions. Here are some tips and tricks for these emergency situations. In a vehicle: crank the heat up to high and use it to warm the wax and to blow onto your moustache after application to melt any clumps. I turn all vents “off” except for the one right in front of me to get maximum airflow on my face. Then I cup my hands to aim all of the air at my moustache. This is surprisingly effective.


Your armpit is the closest you can get to your body’s core temperature that isn’t illegal in some states. Putting your wax in your armpit for several minutes will soften it better than riding shotgun in your pants pocket (where I normally carry my Primary)

Cup your hands:

If all else fails, you can use your own breath to soften the wax you’ve just applied. The trick is to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Cover your mouth like you are sneezing and you will be exhaling nearly 99 degrees of heat to your moustache. After 10-15 breaths you can usually get a pretty decent outcome. Just pay close attention to clumps and use as little wax as possible to reduce the amount of wax as possible–the less you use, the less you have to try to warm with your own breath. The tips you can warm by rolling them back and forth with your thumb and forefinger.

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    Tim Kramer
    Tim Kramer

    April 05, 2017

    Hey David,

    That’s very true! Humidity can do a number on your ’stache for sure.

    Thanks for reading!



    April 05, 2017

    Humidity can also affect the way your stache’ looks. Some days it will look better than others. Using a blowdryer to prevent comb drag is an excellent suggestion.


    April 14, 2016

    Hey John,

    Tim here. Really glad to hear you’re love the wax and how it smells :) Thanks for taking time to check on knowing when the wax is pliable enough for application and combing through. Do you have the Primary or Secondary? The Secondary has a bit more of a tacky hold and texture and I’ve found it needs a bit more to get warmed up.

    Personally I like to get the wax to more of a melted state before applying. It’s just easier to work with. Once it’s nearly to the melted state I apply using my finger nail to scoop then rub the wax between my thumb and pointer finger. The other trick is learning the right amount to apply. I like to start small and add as needed.

    Hope that helps!




    April 13, 2016

    I just bought my first tin of your wax! I love the way it smells, by the way! How can I tell when the wax is sufficiently pliable to apply and comb through? Will it still be tacky or is it more of a melted state? I’ve combed through the ’stache after application and pulled out a couple hairs the first time I tried it. Thanks!

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