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February 12, 2016


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Tools of Men Best Beard Oil 2016

Shawn from Tools of Men recently reviewed and rated beard oils from four different companies to determine which was the best beard oil for 2016. He included our Wisdom Beard Oil! The article has some great info on what beard oils are made from, why beard oils are necessary, and even how to apply beard oil. Click here to read Tools of Men Best Beard Oil 2016.

Shawn says Wisdom Beard Oil caught his attention because “it is one of the highest rated beard oils with at least 700 reviews. At the time of this writing it was a staggering 4.7 out of 5!” That rating is on AmazonTools of Men also recommended Wisdom Beard Oil for folks who are buying their first beard oil. We couldn’t agree more!

Wisdom Beard Oil went head to head with oils from Beardbrand, Leven Rose, and The Blades Grim. We’re no good at burying the lead, so we’ll go ahead and say it - Wisdom Beard Oil won with a nearly perfect score!

Check out Shawn’s chart comparing the four beard oils he reviewed.

As you can see Wisdom Beard Oil blows the other three oils away! Shawn says “Our highest rated beard oil we reviewed – worthy of being the winner of the best beard oil 2016 award!” The rating was based on price, average rating, quality of ingredients, and the oil’s ability to keep a beard well nourished. Here’s how Wisdom Beard Oil ended up with a 98 out of 100:

Needless to say we’re humbled and stoked! Thanks for the great review, Shawn. If you don’t have any Wisdom Beard Oil, or are close to running out definitely grab some and start your year off right with the Best Beard Oil for 2016!

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